What to Eat After You Exercise

Some exercisers feel starving after a workout and some just don’t. Whether you feel hungry or not after you exercise, it's a good idea to nibble at least part of a healthy meal (with lots of water) to boost your body recovery, to replenish vitamins and to help your muscles repair and rebuild.

Eating several hundred calories within an hour or so of working out also prevents you from feeling ravenous later and making poor meal choices on a very empty stomach.

Depending on your age, weight goals, how long you exercise - and what you ingest in the rest of your day - the calories you eat post-workout can be more plentiful than what you would eat before a workout.

7 Balanced Meals to Eat Post Workout

  • Peanut butter sandwich on sprouted bread
  • Tuna on wheat with lettuce and tomato
  • Bowl of oatmeal, berries and nuts
  • Hummus and sprouts vegetable wrap
  • Tofu salad, mixed greens and lite dressing
  • Grilled veggie salad with beans and cheese
  • Spinach salad, hard-boiled egg and lite dressing

Proteins and Carbs for Exercise Recovery and rebuild.

Ideally, eat within 30-90 minutes post workout for maximum calorie burn and nutrient absorption, according to The Mayo Clinic. Though there are many factors at work, aim for roughly 400-600 calories after a moderate-to-intense workout that lasts an hour or more.

If you have questions about your diet, reach out our fitness experts at California Family Fitness for smart post-workout tips.