When Should Kids Start Sports? | CalFit Sacramento, CA


blog-post_300x250_trainer_alex-davisFrom Arden Personal Trainer & Youth Coach, D’Alexander Davis

Short answer: Yes! My opinion is that the earlier you get your kids involved in sports the better because a child’s brain develops the most in the first five years of their life. Now I’m not suggesting to get them involved in tackle football as soon as they can walk, but get them involved in some sort of team activity. Below are just five of the many benefits:

Cooperating with kids from all different backgrounds in order to accomplish a common goal.

Through a plethora of drills and game situations that build muscle memory and helps improve the neuromuscular connections.

During game situations and drills, athletes have to work together. Some kids step up and give others direction. They are forced to communicate what they are doing to their team.

Through daily activities such as strength training, cardio, position drills, repetition, consequences, and structure.

At the beginning of every practice, week, month, season, and year you set goals and plan how to accomplish them. Not all goals will be reached and some will take longer than others. So as a coach, parent, trainer, friend, or teammate we play a pivotal part in our young athletes lives. Keep them positive when they fail or have a setback because it will happen. Keep them pushing for their goals. Encourage them when you see improvement and most of all make it fun.

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