Why it is Good to Sweat When You Exercise


We believe the saying “Sweat is fat crying on it’s way out.” But it’s so much more than that!

7_blog-post_300x400_triple-threatSweat is a natural response to many circumstances, some of which include physical activity, stress, and fighting a virus. There are three different types of sweat. Thermal sweat is caused by by physical exertion and is common when you’re exercising and your body is trying to cool your internal body temperature down. Emotional sweat (aka “stress sweat”) is caused by anxiety and emotional or psychological pressure. This is our body’s primal reaction to anxiety that is believed to produce pheromones that warns those around us of potential danger. Lastly, gustatory sweat is your body’s physical reaction to spicy food and is characteristic with sweat only from the neck up. It is believed to be caused by the natural inflammatory reaction your body has from spicy food. Interestingly enough, your body reacts as if it is fighting a virus.

Here are some reasons why everyone needs a good sweat session:

  1. Increases blood circulation - sweat plays a role in increasing your heart rate. This influx of oxygenated blood aids in relaxing muscles, relieving tension, and soothing pain. Scientists and fitness gurus have long known that oxygen in your blood acts like fuel for your muscles. So when you start sweating, don’t call it quits right away! Keep exercising because you’re muscles are now peaked for performance. 
  2. Cleans your pores - beauty professionals have been telling us to scrub, scrub, scrub your way to clean clear skin, when all we really had to do was hit the gym! On its way out, sweat grabs oil, dirt, and dead skin cells trapped in your pores. Take advantage of your body’s natural cleanser and don’t be ashamed to get sweaty. 
  3. Reduces toxins - sweat pulls impurities and toxins out of your body. Think of your skin as a sponge. It’s your largest organ and is constantly absorbing toxins from the water we shower in, the dirt and grime that we come in contact with throughout the day, and even the pollutants in the air all around us. Now think of sweat like the water coming out of a sponge when it’s squeezed - all those toxins are being pulled out by the sweat. But don’t forget to re-hydrate promptly after your sweat-session!
  4. Aids in weight loss - sweating in itself doesn’t help you lose fat. But typically if you’re working out hard, you’re going to sweat. However everyone’s body reacts different to physical activity, just remember, sweating is natural and nothing to be ashamed of! 
  5. Keeps you cool - sweat is also how your body cools itself off. The temperature of your sweat drops once it leaves your pores and instantly begins to cool your skin down. It’s your body’s natural reaction to stress, either physical or emotional, to help calm and cool down.
  6. Makes you happier - when you sweat, you actually release endorphins, a natural mood booster that aids in fighting against depression and anxiety. If you’re happy and you know it, you might have sweat to thank! 
  7. Fights fatigue - remember all that oxygen that is being circulated throughout your body thanks to your sweaty reactions? Another benefit is increased mental and physical activity. Try a sunrise cardio routine first thing in the AM and you may find that you’re able to skip that mid-morning calorie-laden latte.  
  8. Increases your feeling of accomplishment - combine all of these things together and you’ll be one empowered, sweaty, fit, sexy beast. Next time you start sweating, wear it with pride and remember all the health benefits it actually brings.


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