Winter 2020 Body Fit Weight Loss Challenge

Here's an exciting update for those who have been following our latest Body Fit Weight Loss Challenge. This challenge went from January 13 - February 10, 2020. Read on for the results.

Congratulations to the hundreds of Cal Fit members who participated in the first Body Fit Weight Loss Challenge of the decade! They worked hard with their teammates and coaches, and we’ve enjoyed seeing you leave behind comfort zones, challenging yourselves to learn new habits, and getting results from all of your effort. It’s been a privilege to be part of your fitness journey.

While all of our challenge participants made changes they can be proud of, some of them truly dominated the Winter 2020 Body Fit Weight Loss Challenge.Body-Fit-Winners-2020

We're thrilled to announce the top three women, men, coaches, and teams, below (*=top winners).



Juanita Rizo* – Elk Grove

Suzanne Robinson – Roseville

Stephanie Vetovitz – Natomas




Trenton Lewis* – Laguna

Billy Rankin – Roseville

Rob Swartz – Folsom



Tabbitha Bailey – Roseville*

*Team Members: Suzanne Robinson, Billy Rankin, Scott Robinson, Amy Wade, Susan Rankin, Mary Wisniewski

 Kelle Santin – Orangevale

Team Members: Marian Darrow, Bruce Langston, Sue Schooley, Kathy Poseley, Loretta Langston, Carolynn Goetze

Sarah Mai – Elk Grove

Team Members: Jennifer Gonzalez, Joy Bratton, Jamie Guerra, Aubree Deangelo, Cher Lozano, Alyssa Urso

Thank you for your individual efforts, and for the way you encouraged one another to reach your goals. If you’d like to include Body Fit classes in your ongoing fitness journey, please speak with your Body Fit Coach or the Fitness manager at your Cal Fit location.