X-Bike X-Treme Workout

RachelMarchBlog-XbikeThey say variety is the spice of life. I have decided to add some variety and spice into my fitness routine. I have seen and heard great things about the x-bike classes offered at Cal Fit and knew I wanted to try it.

I love biking on the trails and enjoy a good hard spin class. I have heard that this class imitates the feel of riding a real bike. Exciting stuff with x-bike! I was ready to tackle the x-treme challenge with an x-bike class.

What Is X-Bike: X-Bike offers a total body workout that burns twice as many calories as you would on a stationary bike. This level one class is geared toward beginners and those working on their skills. Less climbing and more recovery give you a less intense workout.

The Benefits of Taking an X-Bike Class: Increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens lower body, strengthens core, increases coordination, and strengthens upper body, burn up to 1,000 calories/hour.

My Experience: It is an X-treme learning curve to ride the x-bike. I had no problem pedaling and riding the bike. However, the handlebars move (like they would if you were riding up a hill on a road bike). This added challenge was confusing for me when in the seated position. Perhaps call me less than coordinated and I quickly became frustrated. I am thankful I had a calm, patient, and great teacher named Rob who helped me through the class to get the full workout experience down.

It is a learning curve and from talking to others in my class, it might take me a few classes to get the technique and coordination down. When I do, I will fall in love with the x-treme x-bike workout… just like many of other Cal Fit members. Have you tried an x-bike class? Were you quick to learn the coordination of the bike or did you struggle like me?

Rachel is married to her college sweetheart and is a never-at-home, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother to three boys. She is a mom who runs through life one day at a time. She is also a member of California Family Fitness. She runs for Faith, Family, Fitness, Healthy Food, and Always Fun! Read more about her running adventures at Running Rachel. You can also find her sharing fitness inspiration and humor on her facebook page.

You can follow Rachel on Twitter @RunningRachel

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